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Our domain

It is in Polisy, in the heart of the different valleys of the Côte des Bar, that the Maison CHAMPAGNE MOUTARD*DANGIN operates its vineyard and produces its precious bottles.

5 generations

Our house has seen five generations of winegrowers on plots planted mainly with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier and Pinot blanc. The accumulated experience produces high quality vintages.

MOUTARD*DANGIN CHAMPAGNE is the fruit of long-term work, and the status of winegrower-negociant is a winning blend, which allows him to perpetuate the operation by vinifying his own production and that of the children. Patient family work in sustainable cultivation explains the high quality offered by the best wines.


A know-how

The CHAMPAGNE MOUTARD*DANGIN vintages exploit the entire range of grape varieties of the appellation, in brut, demi-sec, extra-brut and brut nature either as a blend or as a single varietal.


TAll highlight the know-how of this quality House, and you will also appreciate Rosé Champagne and Vintage Champagnes.

Our history

René and Sylviane Moutard passed on magnificent know-how to their daughter Corinne, which she uses today with her own children.


The Maison CHAMPAGNE MOUTARD*DANGIN is thus the heir to a centuries-old tradition which makes Champagne wine the ambassador of France throughout the world.

Key dates


The first vines were cultivated by Corinne's great-grandfather, Mr. Edmé Isidore Moutard.


Paul Moutard and his wife Juliette take up the torch.


René and Sylviane Moutard, Corinne’s parents, took over the business in turn….


Corinne Moutard begins to vinify her first wines, she perpetuates the family business by continuing to plant and enrich the vineyard with other grape varieties.


Corinne is marketing her Champagne for the first time under her own label, thus joining a long wine-growing tradition, following in the footsteps of her parents and grandparents.


In line with its philosophy and values, Champagne Moutard is certifiedHVE/VDC (High Environmental Value / Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne) and continues its environmental initiatives by constantly adopting new measures to improve the quality of its wines without harming biodiversity. For example, Champagne Mustard does not addno herbicides.


Champagne Corinne Moutard now becomes Champagne Moutard Dangin

Our team

Corinne Moutard

Corinne Moutard

Owner and manager of the operation

it works daily to produce quality Champagne that reflects its values.


Claude Gillet

Vineyard worker

he pampers the vines and orchestrates the entire production of our Champagnes.


Camille Dangin

Daughter of Corinne Moutard

Study at ESMOD


Christophe Dangin

Owner and manager of the farm

He participates in the House's representations and brings an outside perspective to important operational decisions.


Arnaud Dangin

Son of Corinne Moutard

Architect. Currently in BTS viticulture-oenology training.

You may have already met him accompanying his parents to trade shows.


Justine Doré

Commercial assistant

she takes care of the accounting and administrative part of the estate.

It is not uncommon for her to welcome you to the Domaine.

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